Planned Updates

I’m planning to add the following new features during the coming weeks for v0.3.

1. Customizable Number of entries – Users will be able to decide how many novels are listed per page.

2. Improved display menu – I will replace the current menu with a more intuitive sidebar that allows users to decide how to order the list (by rank, title, author, etc.) and allow them to cycle through the list more efficiently (by groups of 10, 25, or 100 titles).

3. An option for displaying only one novel per author – Users will be able to check a box that will produce a list that limits each author to a single entry, in effect producing an alternative list. This will give users the option to see what the canon would look like if it wasn’t oversaturated with novels by James and Faulkner.

4. The list will be extended to 500 novels.

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