New Features Included in Metacanon 0.7

The newest metacanon update goes live today, Sept. 20th, 2016. Here’s a quick rundown of the improvements and added features available with version 0.7:

1. The website is now more consistent across browsers and has greatly improved compatibility for mobile devices and tablets. (So, basically, it’s now a lot easier to use on your phone.)

2. The database now includes preliminary collections of nineteenth and twenty-first century American fiction. Users can now generate canons limited to any span of years between 1800 and 2016. At this point, these collections are less comprehensive than the twentieth century list, but I’ll continue to add to them frequently.

3. I’ve changed the standard algorithm slightly by replacing the JSTOR data with data drawn only from JSTOR journals categorized as “Language and Literature” journals. You can still access the global JSTOR data using the custom menu.

4. I’ve also added an additional dataset drawn from the New York Times archive. Check it out here.

5. Finally, you can now create a user account, thereby unlocking two additional features. First, this allows you to save your custom canons as “presets” that can then be accessed from your user page. Second, it also allows you to catalogue which books from the collection you have read and to see statistics about your own reading habits in relation to the collection as a whole.